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At Georgia Reproductive Specialists, an individualized protocol is important to ensure the best chance of success for each patient. No two patients are exactly alike and, therefore, no two patient treatment plans will be exactly alike. However, we realize that patients need a general timeline to know what to expect during their cycle. Below is a standard IVF cycle outline that summarizes the important steps involved in treatment. When your treatment plan has been developed, the IVF nurse will provide a more detailed and specific timeline for you.

Birth Control Pills
(Approx. 14-21 days)

(Approx. 12-15 days)

Baseline Ultrasound

(Approx. 10-12 days)

Trigger Shot

Egg Retrieval
(36-37 hours after trigger shot)

Embryo Transfer
(3-5 days after retrieval)

Pregnancy Test
(14 days after retrieval)

1st - Approx. 6 -7 weeks pregnant
2nd - Approx. 7 - 8 weeks pregnant
Release to OB at 8-10 weeks pregnant