Tentative Schedule for Screening Appointments for IVF                      Send Link

Your screening appointments prepare you for IVF and can essentially be completed in approximately 6 appointments following the guide below. This guide is a way to help you, the patient, and the staff at GRS to consolidate your appointments to allow you to get as much accomplished at each visit as possible, thus saving you extra trips to our office.

  1. Lab work - this blood work should be done on your cycle day 2 or 3 and can include your day 3 labs plus all other lab work required by your physician.


  2. Partner's lab work, Semen Analysis, and SCSA if ordered - all of these tests can be done on the same day.


  3. Ultrasound, Trial Transfer, Pap Smear (if needed), Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Cultures, and Physical Exam can all be done at the same visit - will just need to be scheduled according to what type of ultrasound your physician wants If a Saline Sonogram is ordered, this is performed between cycle days 7-11 at which time all the above tests can be done at the same visit. With a Midcycle Ultrasound, that is usually done between cycle days 14-16 and again all the above tests can be completed at the same visit.


  4. Infertility Counseling - Appt with Counselor from list provided by GRS - call to schedule appt at your convenience. It will take approximately 2 or more weeks for GRS to receive the required report from this visit, thus please allow for this time when considering your IVF plans.


  5. Any Misc. Appointments as Ordered by your Physician - example: Mammogram, Primary Care Doctor for EKG and Chest X-ray, etc.


  6. Final Appointment - Nurse and Financial Consult to Start IVF - This appointment must be attended by both you and your partner, and consent forms must be read prior to appointment. This appointment lasts approximately 2 hours.