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The staff at Georgia Reproductive Specialists is dedicated to providing the most effective, high-quality reproductive healthcare services in a nurturing environment to help couples achieve the ultimate goal of creating a family. Our physicians are nationally recognized for the personalized medical care they provide to each couple in search of infertility treatment. The physicians at GRS go through the following steps with each patient:

  • Identify and diagnose the problem
  • Develop a partnership with each patient and her support team which may include her husband, another relative or friend, and her referring physician
  • Outline medical or surgical options including ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, surgery and assisted reproductive techniques
  • Initiate a cost-effective treatment plan that combines the highest quality care with the best possible outcome
Georgia Reproductive Specialists recognizes that patients are looking for more than just medical treatments when exploring infertility practices. That's why we offer additional services to complement the patient-centered medical care we provide:

Laboratory Services - Georgia Reproductive Specialists' diagnostic laboratory is a JCAHO-accredited facility containing the most advanced technology for in vitro fertilization, thorough semen and hormone analysis, sperm preparation and in vitro fertilization procedures. GRS has assembled a staff of scientists responsible for developing many of the leading assisted reproductive technology methods used by fertility specialists around the world.

Medical Records Review - For patients interested in more information specific to their medical history and condition without setting up an appointment, the physicians at Georgia Reproductive Specialists offer a Medical Records Review service. This service is often used by patients from other areas who are looking for a second opinion on the treatment they are currently receiving.

Egg Donation Program - Not all couples are able to conceive a child using the female's own eggs. For these couples, the Egg Donation Program becomes an option allowing a couple to select an egg donor to help them achieve their dream of building a family.

Psychological Support - We recognize that infertility treatment can be mentally, along with physically and financially, stressful. We feel that it is part of our role at Georgia Reproductive Specialists to assist couples in search of psychological support during infertility treatment. For this reason, we maintain close working relationships with many therapists in the area and also support those patients who already have networks of therapists, psychiatrists or clergymen in place.

Financial Services - Most couples do not have unlimited financial resources to dedicate to building their family and many insurers do not provide infertility coverage. GRS has options available, including the IVF Shared Risk Program and a loan application service, to help take away some of the financial stress associated with infertility.

What's New - At Georgia Reproductive Specialists, we believe that the best patient is a well-informed patient. We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information about your specific condition and infertility in general.

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