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In an ongoing effort to provide you with faster and more accurate service, we have implemented the LabCalls system in our practice.

What is LabCalls? LabCalls is a communication system that enables patients to access test results via the telephone or Internet. By entering in your specific code, you can obtain test results quickly and confidentially.

How does it work? Patients can access test results 24 hours, 7 days a week by calling a toll-free number (1-866-662-3272) or online at

What are the advantages?

  • Eliminates phone tag
  • Saves time
  • Provides easy and fast access to test results
  • Provides privacy and convenience
How do I access my own results? During your office visit, you will be given a card with your personal access numbers (your date of birth and social security number). The card has the Web site address, the toll-free phone number and our customer number pre-printed on it.


You can now access GRS test results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Simply call: 1-866-662-3272 or go online to

1. Customer Number: 132823
2. Unique ID: Your own social security #
3. PIN: Your date of birth

Once you are online and at the Web site, follow the directions for putting in our customer number and your personal ID numbers. If using the telephone, dial the toll-free number and then follow the prompts. You will be able to hear or read your test results.