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As a woman faced with infertility, it is important to research the success rates of an IVF program when selecting the fertility practice where you will seek treatment. At Georgia Reproductive Specialists, the experienced team of physicians and world-class embryology staff combined with the use of the most advanced laboratory technologies has resulted in high pregnancy success rates.

Diagnosis, prior IVF treatments, duration of infertility and, most importantly, age all affect the potential for a successful pregnancy following fertility treatment. As a woman's age increases, her chances at becoming pregnant through assisted reproduction decrease, mainly due to diminishing egg quality. The live birth rate among women beginning assisted reproduction cycles after age 40 is often as low as 10-20%. In some cases, the only option for women trying to conceive a child later in life is use of a donor egg.

GRS Statistics
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Quick Facts.
Top Ten
Dr. Michael Tucker is one of the world's top scientists in early human reproduction, widely known for his breakthrough achievements in assisted reproductive technology.
Caring and Experience
Our Reproductive Endocrinologists and staff are highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and other reproductive disorders.
Success Rates
GRS treatment outcomes include approximately 43% pregnancy rate per cycle, for patients under 35 years old. .
Making Treatment Affordable
GRS offers a range of financing options and programs to help minimize the financial risk associated with infertility treatment.
The Right Environment
At GRS, we have created a private, comforting and compassionate clinic, where patients receive individualized care and feel at ease and well-cared-for.
American College of Embryology

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