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When you learn you are infertile, it may feel as though you have entered into a foreign territory. With medical jargon and recommendations for testing and treatments never before heard of, the unfamiliar world of infertility can be confusing. This section of our Web site provides resources and support that will help you learn more about infertility and the diagnosis and treatment process.

What questions should you be asking your physicians? Who can you call at Georgia Reproductive Specialists to answer your questions about the practice? How can you learn more about your particular diagnosis? What pharmacies stock fertility medications? Where can you talk to other patients going through a similar situation? Are there any new treatments on the horizon?

We believe it is important to empower patients to become partners in their own healthcare. The best way to do this is to provide information and education and to encourage open communication between each patient and her team at GRS. It is our hope that this knowledge will also establish a level of trust and confidence in our medical team that will reduce the normal anxieties associated with fertility therapy.

Educational Resources
Web site Links
Counseling Services

Quick Facts.
Crosswords and glossaries
Our website includes a wide range of information and materials to help you learn and understand infertility and its treatment.
Reach out to others
Patient organizations, support groups and specialized services help you navigate along the path to parenthood.
Ask an expert
Send us your questions and Dr. Perloe will personally respond.
Learn more
Each month, GRS hosts free educational seminars for women and men wanting to learn more about infertility and their treatment options.
American College of Embryology

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