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GRS Announces $10,000 IVF Cycle and Military Discount

Our belief is that current economic conditions should not prevent couples from having a family and that there should be access to affordable IVF options under the care of specialized, exceptional physicians. While GRS has always offered patients the most cost-effective treatment and financing options, we are proud to offer our basic IVF package for only $10,000.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists is also proud to offer a 30% discount to all active duty, retired, National Guard and reserve military members. The discount will be offered on all consultations and treatments, excluding outside lab work. Please present a valid military ID at the time of service to receive the discount. For more information regarding all treatment pricing and options, contact the GRS Financial Coordinator at 404-843-2229 or

In addition to the 30% discount GRS offers to all active duty, retired and reserve military members, we are also a participating clinic in the "Service to Veterans" program. Recently introduced by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, the program provides deeply discounted IVF treatment cycles and related services to those veterans whose service related injuries have damaged their reproductive systems and require treatment to achieve pregnancy. As a participating clinic, GRS is offering a 50% discount. To determine eligibility, please call us at 404-843-2229 or visit the ASRM website.

At Georgia Reproductive Specialists, we participate with a number of insurance plans and also offer value based pricing for patients who do not have insurance coverage. We know that financial concerns can be a primary stumbling block for couples requiring advanced fertility treatment and we are committed to offer patients the treatment they need, regardless of their financial situation.


We encourage each of our patients to understand their infertility insurance benefits, the costs associated with treatment options and the likelihood of success in an effort to make informed choices related to the treatments recommended by the GRS physician. A GRS financial counselor will personally meet with you to explain your insurance coverage and benefits. During this meeting, the counselor will review anticipated costs for medical treatments that you may be considering and review any responsibility for payment that you may have due to deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments. Visit our list of participating Insurance Coverage and learn more about the Nuts and Bolts of Insurance for Infertility.

Our Treatment Programs

The self-pay programs include our unique IVF Shared-Risk Program, IVF and IVF Plus. These plans were designed to maximize your chances of conceiving through appropriate treatment while minimizing the overall financial risk that can accompany treatment.


The cost of infertility medication can contribute up to one-third of the cost of one cycle. GRS works with fertility pharmacies, both local and mail order, that offer a full-range of infertility medications and supplies at reasonable costs.


Georgia Reproductive Specialists partners with a variety of financial lenders. Our Financial Coordinators will work with you to determine your financial needs and help you navigate the different options available.

The WINFertility Quality Discount Treatment Program is offered in Atlanta to Georgia Reproductive Specialists’ patients who have no infertility insurance coverage or who have exhausted their benefits and seek an efficient, economical way to obtain and pay for advanced fertility treatment. The WINFertility Program includes both advanced medical treatment and fertility medications in a single, discounted ‘bundled’ price for each cycle. Treatment Bundle Prices for IUI, IVF and Third Party Reproduction are significantly discounted for service medical fees and retail pharmacy rates. There are no clinical or age requirements to participate. Patients enrolled in the WINFertility Program are treated with the highest quality treatments and services including optimal dosages of required fertility medications to achieve a safe and successful outcome.

If you have any questions or concerns related to financial issues, please contact a GRS Financial Coordinator at 404-843-2229 or
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IVF Shared Risk
Global Fee Programs


GRS is proud to announce our partnership with Granting Miracles, a non-profit devoted to helping infertile couples achieve their dream of having a family. The generosity of Granting Miracles helps those couples in need of IVF assistance by selecting applicants for a grant that can be used toward fertility treatment costs. Read the requirements for the grant, a description of the process, and download your application checklist and forms here.